Nainiu, a gentle kitty no stranger to Love Kuching

Originally from a Serangoon neighbourhood, Nainiu came to the cattery when his rescuer needed someone to care for him due to his chronic kidney issues.

In mid-November last year, Nainiu was brought to Love Kuching Project for temporary boarding while his rescuers were out of town. As Nainiu had previously been at our cattery in early 2019, when he was boarded for his gum problems (a consequence of his chronic kidney issues), we agreed to board him again while his rescuer was away for a short stint. 

This is because Nainiu needs more specialised attention than the usual community cat. During his staycation with us, we brought Nainiu for two vet checkups; first for a steroid jab to reduce inflammation in his gums, and then for a general evaluation of his skin and kidney function levels. 

His initial transition back to our cattery was understandably tough on him, given that he was used to traversing more spacious terrain. We would play a recording of his rescuer’s voice to calm him down whenever he seemed anxious or refused to eat. Treats were also another gateway to his heart!

With time, he got used to the new environment and would even meow at our volunteers when he wanted pats! 

Here’s our brief interpretation of Nainiu’s diary during his stay with us:

Week 1: Save my skin!

I have been captured and am currently held hostage in a dreadfully small space. The scent of where I am is bringing up some memories of yesteryear. It seems I have been here before…

Oh, what a nightmare! Such soulless quarters are not fit for a cat of my stature. Random humans have been popping their heads into my cage every now and then, trying to coddle me with their pathetic attempts at peace. 

Unbeknownst to them, the resident cat they call Wudi has been watching me like a hawk, as if I were an intruder! I am huddled at the edge of my living quarters and using every attempt to make my displeasure known so that they shall release me at once. 

Week 3: Giving up is not an option… yet 

It appears my departure has not been scheduled, but my will is strong and this protest shall go on. 

It has also come to my attention that I am in the company of kittens who have been rattling my cage with their childish foolery. It thrills them to test the structural integrity of my cage and occasionally they startle me from my meditative state or interrupt my naps.

Week 5: What is that prickly thing?

I hear the sound of my rescuer’s voice every so often but I neither see nor smell her presence. Her familiar voice is music to my ears and soothes my anxious heart. 

I will be sure to tell her of my treatment here when I make my escape. A few days ago, two humans busted into my cage unannounced and scruffed me by the neck. These savages have no understanding of personal boundaries! 

I hissed and growled and did all I could to fight them but they persisted until they had wrestled me into a small mobile box. We took a long journey to a different place, only for me to get pricked by a needle! I did not think I would ever find comfort in this small cage I now call home, but I was thoroughly pleased to get through that debacle and rest in my quarters. 

They attempted to console me after with lullabies and hushed words, and a cloth was placed over my cage door to spare me from those boisterous kittens and the insolent Wudi. My gums are starting to feel better too. Finally, some respite in these dark times. 

Week 7: Ouch

I must have been down on my luck yesterday because I had another unfortunate encounter where I was held down and poked. I do not like being poked! They even had the cheek to tell me that I gained 300g over the last few weeks. Whose fault is that? I merely eat the food I am given. 

I was terribly offended when they had the audacity to invade my privacy after we had returned. They kept telling me that they needed to remove the bandage on my leg, but no means no! I will have this bandage on me for as long as I shall live. 

Week 9: Accepting my fate

More than two months have gone by and it is time to accept my predicament. I suppose I am not being entirely tortured, since my food has not diminished in quality and taste. 

My cage is regularly cleaned by these humans who have taken me in. I was alarmed when they took me out of my cage again, but it felt surprisingly pleasant as soon as they started cleaning me and rubbing some soothing lotion all over my body. 

It was nice to be pampered like the aristocrat I am! I considered negotiating for a more spacious roaming area, but that might mean make small talk with the other resident cats. They are too talkative and tend to babble on about the birds outside. 

Week 10: Home is what you make of it

These humans respond to my calls for attention when I require it and I must say, they do give rather nice pats. I have started to grow fond of some of them and their presence brightens my day at times. 

A bittersweet feeling takes over my heart when they tell me I am soon to depart for home. These days, home feels less like a physical location and more like the voices of the people I am surrounded with.

Week 11: Finally back!

I can’t believe my eyes – my rescuer, the person I love so much, is back! She came over to coax me back into the little box that she brought me in. After a short car ride, I am finally in my rightful place as chief of this grand patch of grass. 

I will treasure every moment I am here, though I don’t know if I will miss the old place. After all, I tried so hard to make it smell like me and my farts.

Nainiu is now back home in the comforts of his old territory in Serangoon. His rescuer is keeping a close eye on his condition; there’s a chance where he may need to return to our shelter if his chronic kidney disease worsens, but as he is still pretty comfortable back on his patch, we think it’s best for him to continue living there for now. 


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