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[Adopt] Winnie, lovely girl kitten rescued from a rubbish collection area in Woodlands

| #adoptme | A piercing gaze “Take me home.” Winnie was found by one of our volunteers’ friend, all by her self at a rubbish collection area in Woodlands. In…

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[Adopt] Bibi and Beanie, two girl kitties found at a dustbin in Ubi

Now 11 weeks old, fully independent when it comes to food and litter training, vet-checked and vaccinated, parasite-free, Bibi and Beanie are ready for adoption.To think that not long ago…

adoption rescue stray cats

[Adopt] Yolo from Yio Chu Kang, found as an orphaned baby kitten

Yolo, now at 11 weeks old Yolo is a sweet, happy, sociable, human and cat loving extroverted kitten who is healthy and yes, really cute. He came from a sad…

adoption rescue stray cats

Mimosa estate kittens – Moe and Melody | #Adopt |

Moe and Melody when they were ~ 3 weeks old Found in a drain in a private estate, without any mother cat, Moe and Melody came to us as orphaned…

adoption rescue stray cats

[Adopt] Freckles, kitty rescued from Seletar Farmway (where there are lots of stray dogs!)

We got an appeal for help for fostering Freckles from a couple who found her along Seletar Farmway. That road has a lot of wild stray dogs, and Freckles was…

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[Adopt] The Farrer Road condo kittens: Leo, Lennon, Louie and Laney

| Leo |  | Lennon | | Louie | | Laney| One of our volunteers works at a condo at Farrer Road, where she noticed a litter of 4 kittens…

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[Adopt] Meredith: smoke-tortoiseshell girl kitty found lame, rehabilitated from eye ulcerations

Meredith was found by her rescuer in Bedok, on the ground in the carpark of an industrial area. She was lame in her hindlegs and could not walk properly. We…

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Adopt a special kitty: Turmeric, boy kitty found abandoned in a pail at a vegetable farm in Lim Chu Kang

Turmeric, ginger / white kitten, @ 3 months old Turmeric was found by one of our volunteers who was at Lim Chu Kang, the farm areas. Turmeric was then only…

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Adopt: Jodi, kitten who was found in a vegetable lorry from Johor

| Jodi, a ticked tabby girl, now about 4 months old | On 15 February one of our Foster Care Volunteers, Rashid, was ill and went to see the doctor….

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Adopt: Juno, female brown tabby and white kitten found trapped in Junction 8

On 16 January we received a case about a stray kitten trapped between doors of Bishan’s Junction 8. Her rescuer Joh Ju with the help of some passersby got the…