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New Year Wishlist 2020

Thank you cat angels for an amazing 2019! Here are the things that we need so we can do more for the cats at our shelter – and how you can help:


Love Kuching Project Christmas Wishlist 2018

It’s hard to believe that our last major wishlist was in 2015. This year, we have been touched by even more cat angels and volunteers alike, and for the upcoming…

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Sign up to become a monthly Cat Angel!

We need more monthly donors. As we raise the bar in our cat rescue work, the recurring expenses will grow over time, but so must the recurring income. Without monthly…

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[FUNDRAISING APPEAL] Urgent: 11 days till 1 October 2015

We have been through a month of heavy cash outflow, and currently do not have sufficient funds in our account to pay the monthly rental due via GIRO in 11…

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Cat Massage Demo Workshop with proceeds going to Love Kuching Project

Update: Session available on 24 May! Pet services boutique, Petitudo, is organising a cat massage workshop that raises money for us! To sign up, contact Petitudo at 98476050 or email…

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Update on our new cattery space #IF2015 #TheMove

New LKP Cattery – Lease signing from Love Kuching Project on Vimeo. Check out the video above to see our new cattery space! For those of you that have followed…

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Let’s keep building: an appeal for monthly cat angels’s gifts for our new cattery’s upkeep! #IF2015

Apart from #nyanmade subscribers and #ERFund donors, all monthly donors’ funds get channelled into our Boarding Fund directly, which includes paying for monthly rental. We are going to, paws crossed…

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Hand-stitched notebooks by @cherylkwansyy for #IF2015

One of our Instagram followers,@cherylkwansyy, is selling hand-stitched lined notebooks to raise funds for #IF2015! At $20 each or $35 for two, this is cheaper than some branded notebooks, let…

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Pawfection eco-friendly safety cat collars with heart buckle for sale | 100% proceeds to #IF2015

Pawfection, our pet supplies vendor, has donated us their house-brand eco-friendly collars. You can buy them from us, and #IF2015 gets 100% of the profit! Thank you Pawfection! You may…

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#Nyanmade by Love Kuching Project – monthly gifts for monthly givers!

Over the last few weeks, a group of us have been meeting at LKP HQ to brainstorm on ideas for a new “subscription” based model of monthly gifts for donors….