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Review: Nature’s Baby Organics Silky Dusting Powder as a grooming powder for cats

We might have -finally- found a grooming powder suitable for use on the shelter cats, and is easy to procure: this product is from iHerb. Actually meant for babies, but…

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Become a monthly Cat Angel this December, and get an orangeTag pet tag!

This December, create a new standing instruction donation to us, of $50 or more, through your bank’s online platform, and you get a free orangeTag pet tag that is electronic…

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Pawfection eco-friendly safety cat collars with heart buckle for sale | 100% proceeds to #IF2015

Pawfection, our pet supplies vendor, has donated us their house-brand eco-friendly collars. You can buy them from us, and #IF2015 gets 100% of the profit! Thank you Pawfection! You may…

pet behaviour product reviews

Skin Problems and Wounds – A Common Problem

4 years ago we wrote a basic post on skin problems in cats and how to go about localising the cause and how to treat it. It is now 2014…

pet behaviour product reviews

It is dengue season, but pesticides can harm cats, so how?

The answer is essential oils! Not only is dengue a risk for humans, mosquitoes can also transmit diseases to cats, such as blood parasites and heartworm. But using pesticides in…

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Heffy from Haig Road [The Full Story]

During the first week of July, we had three new arrivals. This is the story of the first one, Heffy.  Heffy is a stray female black and white cat from…

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The Use of Essential Oils for Cats

We usually buy our essential oils from iHerb, but not all the oils that will help cat conditions are available there; for those we need but are not available on…

pet behaviour product reviews

Want to buy pet supplements from @iherb like we do, but don’t know what? A sample shopping cart for you!

We buy our supplements from iHerb because: Human supplements are better in purity, grade and bioavailability They are cheaper! (save money mah, we are a very small nonprofit) Not only…

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Marukan Dry Shampoo – Grooming Powder

We used to rely on Rudducks grooming powder for post shower drying and brushing as well as to keep white fur pristine, but it is no longer distributed in Singapore….

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Disinfecting Your Home

Managing a cattery setting like ours means we really need to kill all kinds of infection often. Veterinarians recommend a bleach solution of 1 unit household bleach to 32 units…