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Nainiu, a gentle kitty no stranger to Love Kuching

Originally from a Serangoon neighbourhood, Nainiu came to the cattery when his rescuer needed someone to care for him due to his chronic kidney issues. In mid-November last year, Nainiu…

rescue Success Stories

Meet our new boss cat — Wudi, a cheeky, brawny chunk of love

Wudi has grown to become one of the chonkiest resident cats in Love Kuching history, but his spunky exterior belies a story of injury and recovery It’s hard to imagine…


Meet Hitam, the grand dame at Love Kuching

Poised impeccably upon a tower of cushions, Hitam gazes across the cattery from her royal perch. Calm and confident, this is a cat in her element here at Love Kuching…


Sky, the gentle uncle from NTU who fought his best fight

Popping his head out of his suite, Sky gives a wizened impression, a skin-and-bones shadow of his former self. Still, the tabby from Nanyang Technological University would meow, as if…


River and Pat, a tale of two injuries

River, who suffered from a paw that was going necrotic, and Pat, who had to recover from a large gash in his shoulder, spent the month of August with us….

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Adopt: Ida, the mellow sweetheart from Kallang Theatre

Seeing Ida pad leisurely up to visitors and purr contentedly when they stroke her cheek, it’s hard to picture her as a once-helpless kitten. You’re tempted to rub your hand…

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Meet Sunshine, the light of our lives from Serangoon

When most visitors first meet Sunshine, they find a pair of sweet green eyes staring back at them, her brown tabby coat around a graceful frame. She greets people with…

adoption rescue stray cats

[Adopt] Seven kittens in search of forever homes

If you don’t adopt these kittens, they’ll become Echo’s posse and together they will be unstoppable. [The info on Wobbles has been updated as of 3 February. The other kittens…

adoption rescue stray cats

[Adopt] Nougat the sweet playful tabby kitten from Tuas fire station

It’s finally time for Nougat to go home! Could I be part of your family? Nougat is a 3 month old tabby kitten with a sweet, energetic personality who has…

adoption rescue stray cats

[Adopt] Walnut and Raisin the sibling kittens

It’s time! Walnut and Raisin are up for adoption after being lovingly rescued, fed, dewormed, cleaned and documented on Instagram by our team of volunteers. Raisin (white with patches) and…