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TNR this Sunday at Changi Rd

This Sunday, we are going to be busy busy busy! We are coming to this alleyway in Changi Road to trap unsterilised cats for neutering. (While, not far off at…

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About a kitty cat named Tiger

Tiger is a stray cat from a colony we did TNR sterilisation in before, in a back alley off Bendemeer. Tiger when he first came to us Tiger’s feeders only…

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TNR project this week: at a back alley off Bendemeer – we will need your help

| Behind a coffeeshop | Colony of unsterilised cats About 12 cats have been residing at this location near Bendemeer, behind a back alley of a corner coffeeshop open at…

sterilisation stray cats

Next TNR project: Hougang Ave 3 [Edited]

One night while Andy was walking Scotty they met Auntie Shirley, a caregiver in Ubi for stray cats in a cluster of blocks not far from here. She mentioned that…

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Our answer to this morning’s triage question! Triage, triage, and triage again, always.

Early this morning we posted this question and asked all of you to answer: This is a question of triage, and triage principles apply to all of our rescue-related work…

sterilisation stray cats

Conclusion of TNR at Renci Nursing Home and Recce of French Road for next TNR project

We concluded our TNR at Renci Nursing Home but we missed out some cats that refused to come to the feeding area at the dustbins, and we could only trap…

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Great mews! We now have 20 free sterilisation slots per month from [@CatWelfareSG] Cat Welfare Society!

Our last Sterilisation Fund appeal raised $943.43 in total! But now, the first 20 cats Love Kuching Project sterilises every month will be free of charge! The Sterilisation Fund can…

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Next Sterilisation Project: Renci Nursing Home #TNR But we need your help to sterilise them

Update: Funds raised, date confirmed, Sunday afternoon 1 June We have been doing Feline Therapy and have started work at Renci at a trial level, when we were approached by…

fundraising sterilisation stray cats

Concluded #TNR project at Sims Drive: Final tally of cats neutered and how you can help us go further

Total number of cats sterilised at Sims Drive, 16 in all. Cats neutered in Round 1 We did a round 2 in March, trapping another 6 cats to be neutered. …

fundraising sterilisation stray cats

#TNR project: Concluding our sterilisation of cats at Sims Drive

After doing round 1 of TNR in February at an abandoned school area in Sims Drive, we re-did our recce report of the area and found there were more cats….