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[Adopt] Bibi and Beanie, two girl kitties found at a dustbin in Ubi

Now 11 weeks old, fully independent when it comes to food and litter training, vet-checked and vaccinated, parasite-free, Bibi and Beanie are ready for adoption.To think that not long ago…

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New Temporary Student Volunteer!

Hello everyone! This month of June, something (slightly) new will be happening at Love Kuching: They have gotten a new temporary student volunteer, me!   This is me. ^ At…

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Report on latest sterilisation in Ubi!

During the last week of April we conducted a round of trap-neuter-return for new cats that have appeared in the residential part of Ubi nearest the Techpark and Paya Ubi….

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Gonna be sterillising some newish Ubi stray cats

We noticed some new stray cats at Ubi Techpark nearest to the residential estate, and also received feedback that the residential blocks there had some newly dumped unsterilised cats. So we…

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Adopt Dobi, Bambi and Cubby with their favourite foster sibling

The dustbin kittens are ready for adoption! Dobi, Bambi and Cubby are able to eat well on their own, both dry and wet food. They have been dewormed, are on…

abandoned rescue Ubi strays

Literally Litter

Last week we heard unfamiliar meowing from below the block where our Ubi foster home is. It was loud enough to attract complaints for sure, so we had to go…

adoption rescue Ubi strays

Cute little Ebi needs a forever home!

| Contender for cutest bicolour kitten ever | This is Ebi, sitting on a tree branch in Katong Park where Furry Photos did his photo shoot, so that he will…

adoption rescue stray cats Ubi strays

Latest arrival: Ebi, rescued from Ubi Techpark by @edmondchua

Ebi came to us on 22 Aug, covered in ash, with a burn wound on his hind leg. Rescued by Edmond, from Ubi Techpark, he was about 8 weeks old…

abandoned rescue Ubi strays

Latest rescue: Ziggy

Update 7 May: Ziggy passed away at around 11am. Ziggy was rescued near our foster home, right here in Ubi. An interesting story! Ziggy at 5 weeks old Last week,…

adoption rescue Ubi strays

It’s #Caturday – Let’s find Kirin a forever home!

Kirin is one of four kittens rescued from a pest-control company in Ubi that trapped him and other kittens, housing them in a cage together in their pesticides storage room….