Want to join us in cleaning the foster space, and spend time playing with the cats?

Find out more about play/clean sessions below!

Our play clean sessions are a fun way for volunteers to drop by and get to know our cats!

Some frequently asked questions:

What will I need to do during play/clean sessions?

As ad-hoc play/clean volunteers, your volunteering responsibilities will mainly include:

  1. Cleaning of our cages
  2. Maintaining general cleanliness of our cattery by sweeping and mopping the floor
  3. Socializing our cats through playing and interaction

You may be assigned additional responsibilities depending on what we need help with for the specific day.

When are play/clean sessions held?

Play/Clean sessions are held daily, but some days may not be available due to service learning projects, internal training programs, manpower shortages, or vet appointments for our cats.

Where is Love Kuching Project?

We are located at Joo Chiat. Our Foster Care volunteers will give you our specific address when your attendance is confirmed, and they will make arrangements to pick you up once you are in the vicinity.

What should I wear?

Please dress comfortably in clothes you do not mind getting dirty. You will be helping us with cleaning cat suites and washing litter boxes so bring a change of clothes if you wish. Disposable aprons and gloves are available if you need any!

Are there any age restrictions for play/clean sessions?

Yes. Volunteers below the age of 18 must submit a Parent Consent Form before starting a Session at the Cattery and volunteers below the age of 12 must submit a Parent Consent Form before starting a Session at the Cattery and be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We will not allow entry to volunteers below the age of 18 without this form.

How far in advance should I submit a play/clean request?

Please submit a play/clean request at least seven (7) days in advance. 

When will I know if my attendance is confirmed?

Due to the large number of requests we receive, only successful requests will be contacted. We will contact you two (2) days before your requested date if your request is successful. If you do not receive any message from us two (2) days before your requested date, your request was unsuccessful.

Why was my play/clean request unsuccessful?

This could be because:

  • Your requested slot is full. You should refer to our Google Calendar below to check for prior bookings on your preferred dates.
  • You provided a wrong email or phone number. We are unable to contact you if your email or phone number is wrong. If you notice that you have entered the wrong email or phone number, you should reach out to to change your details.
  • There are errors in your parent consent form. Please ensure you have filled up all the required details. We will reject your booking if there is missing / incorrect information.
  • We found issues in your conduct. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Failing to turn up for a previous confirmed booking
    • Being unwilling to perform any of the typical activities required during a play/clean session (e.g. cleaning our cages, sweeping and mopping the floor)
    • Bringing along any undeclared guests
    • Threatening the safety and security of any volunteer or animal under LKP’s care
    • Breaching our Foster Care Terms and Conditions stipulated here

We may not be able to accept your request due to unforeseen circumstances such as an intake of new trainees, shortage of experienced volunteers, and vet appointments for our cats. We seek your kind understanding on this matter.

How do I interpret the Google Calendar?

Our calendar shows the slots which have already been booked. The emptier the day, the more likely your booking will be successful!

Each existing booking looks like this: 1 + n PC / SL
1 = the requestor
n = the number other people the requestor is bringing
PC = play/clean ad-hoc volunteers
SL = service learning ad-hoc volunteers

Click on each play/clean request to see the unique booking ID. Play/Clean booking IDs are assigned chronologically, so the smaller the ID, the earlier the request was submitted.

Click on “+x more” to see all requests for a particular date.

Kindly avoid dates which have hit the following quotas so as to prevent overcrowding, allow more time for our volunteers to introduce our cattery to you, and maximize your time and experience with our cats.

 DayTimeMaximum Play/CleanMaximum Service Learning

Days with a quota of 0 are not available for Play/Clean or Service Learning requests.

What do I do if I need to cancel/reschedule/amend a play/clean request?

Please email at least seven (7) days before your booked slot, stating your unique booking ID for the booking you wish to cancel/reschedule/amend.

Why have I not received a reply from

Kindly allow for seven (7) days for us to respond to your email.

Can I join play/clean sessions as part of a service learning project?

You can! But if you wish to volunteer with us as part of a service learning project, DO NOT make a play/clean request through our online form. Instead, please send an email request to our Foster Care team for your hours to be properly documented. Find out how to do so here.